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Franklin Frith - Your USA business expert Franklin Frith - Your USA business expert
January 22, 2018
Your USA Business Expert   

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  • Pedir informacion gratis sobre negocio en USA Is your Latin American or Mexican company conducting business in the United States?
  • Are you interested in establishing additional business relationships in the United States?
  • Do you have suppliers and/or customers in the United States?
  • Do you need to know about your competition (business intelligence) or need to know more about the American market?

You need an expert consultant who has experience with American businesses. High communications costs, lack of American negotiation skills, language and cultural barriers can have a negative impact on your company. You can increase your sales to American customers by developing first class communication and marketing materials. You can get more exposure in the United States of America if you understand American public relations. Do you need to know about your competition (business intelligence), suppliers or business partners?

You will save money by using Frith as your USA business expert. Franklin Frith will represent your interests in the United States; he also provides business development, marketing, public relations and Web consultation services. Frith will act as your point of contact in the United States; he will communicate with your vendors, customers and prospects on your behalf. Frith will travel within the USA on your behalf and is also available to travel to Mexico and Latin America for important meetings with you.

Foreign companies who desire to employ people in México can place the employees under our employment umbrella. This reduces the financial /administrative burden and risk associated with having employees in a foreign country. Human Resources Mexico, will help you focus on revenue and profits instead of spending energy and efforts on human resource administration. Instead, HRM will assume responsibility for and manage all of your employment related issues in México.(a.k.a. Mexican PEO, Employee Leasing, PEO in México, and Hiring Employees in Mexico)

Ambassador to Mexico - James Roberts (left), Franklin Frith (center) & Agustin Arbulu (right)

Why consider Franklin Frith?

Franklin Frith has over 20 years of solid business experience in the United States. Frith specializes in business development, marketing, public relations and the Internet. Frith speaks Spanish fluently and has a solid business track record dealing with attorneys, accountants, executive management and chairpersons. (Bio)

Frith is an expert in American business, sales, marketing and Internet communications. Frith knows how to approach and deal with American companies to get you results using direct phone contact, face-to-face meetings, electronic communications and the Web.

Many companies in the United States spend thousands of dollars in research and developing contacts prior to conducting business in another country. Stop wasting your resources. Frith will save you money and improve your business presence in the United States of America.


Franklin Frith - Your USA business expert
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